The future of beverage pre-kitting and delivery is here!

The game-changing beverage pre-picking solution for vending, micro market, and pantry operations.

A happy delivery driver using the space-saving Q-tote beverage pre-kitting totes to transport a large quantity of beverage products.


Why It's Great

Q-Tote is an innovative solution for beverage pre-kitting operations. Designed by a vending industry veteran for the vending industry, Q-Tote was inspired by a void in the marketplace for durable, stackable, nestable totes for beverage picking and transport.

Made in the USA

Endorsed by Lightspeed

SEE IT IN Action

  • Quality engineered construction for long-term use
  • Space-saving and stackable to maximize product staging and transport
  • Multi-functional for vending, micro-market, and pantry operations
  • Strong, sturdy design protects product from shifting and breakage
  • Nestles and stacks when empty for compact storage
  • Accommodates multi-size beverages, snacks, food, and more
  • Saves time while maximizing space, efficiencies, and sales!
  • Holds 24 20-oz. bottles or 48 12-oz. cans.


But with Q-Tote, product is transported with stability. Plus, Q-Totes stack and nest to maximize space, efficiency, and profits!


Nestled Stability

Durable Q-Tote is a stackable solution that nestles for stability so your inventory stays secure during transport.

Holds various sizes

Say, “goodbye” to shifting and spilling! Q-Tote’s patented design is stackable while accomodating varied contours and heights.

Built to last

Be done with flimsy discount store containers. Super tough Q-Tote ups your profitability by maximizing efficiencies and protecting product.

Double-Stack Capacity

Double-stack beverage capacity means you can maximize product selection and sales opportunities.


We were one of the first to buy a pallet of these, and we absolutely love them. Couldn’t recommend them enough.

Jon Evans

Heavy Expensive Racks are a thing of the past

With Q-Tote, there is no need to outfit the inside of your trucks with heavy, expensive racks. Now you can save space, time, and money, and take advantage of using a smaller vehicle.

No More Racks = More Space

Q-Tote’s innovative design allows you to easily organize and stack your beverages for easy transporting. This eliminates the need for large trucks with heavy, expensive racks. When you’re done, they fit neatly into each other for easy transport.


They all fit!

Holds 24 20-oz. bottles or 48 12-oz. cans.

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